Brotherhood Spotlight: Halston Shannon

We would like to take the time to acknowledge brother Halston Shannon and his business Halston Shannon Visual Artistry & Branding.

Shannon is an FAU alumnus who graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems. In 2018, he received his Master's of Education in Adult & Community Education Leadership.

According to his self-titled website, Shannon specializes in logos, web design, and digital & print graphic design but Shannon does not view himself as simply a graphic designer, he prefers the title, brand identity designer.

"Graphic design is very broad. I work with everything from small business owners to legitimate, established brands and have done revamps of their logos and websites. I give you your identity when you're promoting yourself and promoting your business. So I always say I am a brand identity designer because that specifies exactly what I do," Shannon said.

Some of Shannon's clients include the former mayor of Broward County, Dale Holness, the Opa-Locka Community Redevelopment Agency, Nova Southeastern University's Diversity Student Council, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

License Plate Designed By Halston Shannon

Shannon said his passion for graphic design started in his junior year of high school during a graphic design class. He stated that he was just taking the class to fulfill his school's graduation requirements but after being introduced to Photoshop, he realized he enjoyed it and had the talent for it.

Once Shannon enrolled at FAU, he was immediately introduced to a bevy of opportunities both from a social and business perspective.

"I got involved right away. I joined PBM, I joined BSU, AKPsi, etc. and all of these organizations were looking to have flyers done and getting work done. At first, I started off doing it for free just because I wanted to perfect the craft and practice, next thing I know, what just started as a hobby, doing favors for people to get practice in on my own started to become consistent requests and consistent clientele, now this is what I do," Shannon said.

Shannon is a member of Class 3 and the chapter's first marketing chair. Shannon decided to join PBM because his older brother, who is a member of the Florida State University chapter of PBM, encouraged him to do so.

“My brother would come home in between summers and during holidays and he would tell me about his experiences with PBM. Of course, I would see pictures on social media, and obviously, the name of the organization, Progressive Black Men, sounds positive. It looked like something I would align myself with,” Shannon said.

Today, Shannon is the National Director of Public Relations for PBM and the soon-to-be vice president of the South Florida Professional Chapter.

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